Alexander Sánchez, 25, is a cetacean rescue technician, research assistant and wildlife tour guide based in Spain. Due to his heavy involvement in cetacean and sea turtle rescue over the past few years, he is also still a student of biology at the University of Granada, finishing the degree in his free time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 14.04.05He has been keen on whales and dolphins since a very young age, and in 2012 he decided to travel to South Africa to get some first hand experience in cetacean observation and research. He was trained as a marine guide at Ocean Blue Adventures in Plettenberg Bay, and he visits South Africa once a year with Spanish students due to a grassroots project (which he co-founded) for a local township school. This project raises funds and provides English language education for approximately 100 Xhosa children in the township of Qolweni.

Upon his return to Spain in September 2012 he became part of a marine wildlife stranding network which gained international recognition for its 6-month attempted rehabilitation of a wild juvenile striped dolphin called Marcos. Alexander played an active part in this project, both in the water working with the dolphin and in fundraising for necessary materials and veterinary needs. Following this dolphin’s tragic death, Alexander became a full member of the stranding technical team and attended many stranded animals of different species, both alive and dead. During his time with this organisation, called Equinac, he also attended meetings and events around Europe, as well as helped in different cetacean-related issues, such as welfare campaigns for dolphins in EU zoos and aquariums.

At present, he is involved in various charity projects, is a Partner of the World Cetacean Alliance and has begun organising wildlife tours. Alexander currently lives in the Alpujarra Mountain region in Southern Spain, where he works as a part-time interpreter and English teacher. Here he also helps care for local horses and donkeys, some of them rescued animals.

He enjoys reading, hiking, coffee breaks and, of course, always makes himself available for any cetacean-related issue or activity!